Offering cutting edge technology construction materials.


Ideal for replacing wood or plastic has several projectsthe following attributes:

• Stability, durability, natural to the touch.

• Weather Resistance


• High resistance

• Made With recyclable products

To provide excellent quality and safety we use one hundred percent recycled material either wood or bamboo combined with high quality chemical additives, containing 60 percent wood or bamboo pulp, this material can be used with conventional tools for cutting wood.

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The mixture of bamboo or wood treated with chemical additives professionally creates a friendly product to environment perfect substitute for wood or plastic in their projects:

  • Impact-resistant material
  • stability in a wide range of ambient temperatures
  • water resistant
  • environmentally friendly
  • easy to produce recyclable
  • easy to manufacture
  • contains no toxic chemicals
  • resistant moths
  • flammable
  • Ideal for safely screw or nail Material
  • strength and durability

Large amount of finished (textures) and colors available:

tipos de texturas y colores-ecowood-01

tipos de cubiertas-eco-wood




  • This wood flooring is made with recycled versatile and easy to install materials. You can also create secure platforms and decorative floor ideal for pools and spas areas (areas with moisture) wood.
  • Rectangular plates recyclable timber that defines style and sophistication with high durability, safety and environmentally friendly, free material chips.
  • We also have wooden floor in square shape with the advantages of laminate flooring in strips, much easier to install because it has the ability to create more creative, decorative, waterproof, dustproof, durable styles to termites and other types of insects, long lasting, several choices of types of textures and colors



  • Ecowood® panel: Works on architectural projects freely using various colors and various styles.

    Modifies the space with our recycled wood walls with an innovative assembly technology, design, Colours and textures. Products in accordance with the environment generates creativity in wood construction.

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