GET•LED TLS Series | LED Tube Light Series




The GET•LED tube has the same look and size as fluorescent tubes,

but with great energy savings, a longer life and more environmentally friendly.

GET•LED tubular lights are a new eco-friendly product, its a replacement for fluorescents lamps.

Using LED as its light source, the LED tubes generates low temperature and low voltage consumption, these lamps are safe and affordable.

  • Availability of warm and cold light, also with resistance to high / low temperatures
  • Easy Installation: Just install the GET•LED tubes in the same lamp base, just remove the driver before placing them, since we have the same size and universal inputs like traditional tubes, making these lights tube ready to replace the traditional fluorescents.

Models available:

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Technical cards .PDF:

TLS-D-T8 / TLS-T5 / TLS-T8-D-F / TLS-T8-G-H-I-J-K-N / TLS-T8-06 / TLS-T8-12 / TLS-T8-15