GET•LED HB Series | High Bay series


GET•LED HIGH BAY Series are ideal for light industrial buildings,

warehouses or manufacturing areas.

With a supreme lighting to any condition, our lights can also contain dust protection.

LED Advantages: low heat conductivity, high quality of light,  uniform color and not blinking. The brightness and power no descends over time.

APPLICATION: Areas with high ceilings, such as industrial buildings, warehouses, workshops, exhibition halls, shopping malls, entertainment centers, gyms (fitness), etc …


  • High LED power lighting, provides 60% savings based on sodium lamps.
  • Special design for optimal ventilation and airflow, causing less heat.
  • Structural design that integrates seamlessly into any architectural project.
  • No pollution, no lead and mercury, not produces electromagnetism.
  • Applicable to a wide variety of voltages.
  • Constant voltage, unchanged.
  • Ability to customize, you can order in special enamel colors.
  • Easy to install and remove.

Models available:

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Technical cards .PDF:

HB-90 / HB-120 / HB-160 / HB-200HB-200D
HB-40zHB-80z / HB-120zHB-160zHB-200z HB-240z / HB-300T