GET•LED Lights

Industrial, urban and residential

We have a competitive price for not having intermediaries.

Our product leaves the factory and we export it and import it by ourselves in the destination country where we operate.

Leader LED technology and design worldwide, chips and housing design and cast itself,  we do not use generic housings.

DIALux® lighting research: We offer the service of lighting distribution study and virtual applications for your project. (DIALux® Projects).

We adapt to your needs of your lighting project.

Our Products

Our lights are thoroughly tested with the highest technology to ensure quality, these tests range from:

  • Vibration test.

  • Water resistance test.

  • Durability test. ( Each light is tested before leaving the factory during continuous 72 hrs )

  •  Heat dissipation test.

Our products are manufactured with the highest technology in materials incorporating reflective coatings on the surface with nanomaterials, which ensures high reflection and luminance uniformity.

We have specific lines for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Why should we use GET•LED lighting?:

LED technology (Light Emitting Diode) consists of semiconductors that require little energy to light efficiently.

LED Technology has taken its latest step with white light LEDs that are those who may replace light bulbs, mainly because they consume up to 90% less power against previous technologies such as the incandescent.

The durability of the LED technology is measured in hours of use and in most of the cases of our technology are 50,000 hrs.

Some of its advantages are:

  • White light. All colors (2900 ºK to 6500 ºK).
  • High efficiency, energy saving.
  • High luminosity flow and intensity directed.
  • Low requirements and low voltage consumption.
  • High resistance to shock and vibration.
  • No U. V.
  • Different shapes with different opening angles of illumination.

With LED technology produces less heat dissipation. Since the LED emits monochromatic light directly on the color wavelength required, there is therefore no conversion of light into heat.

This difference in light emission between the filament and the more the LED filter makes it more efficient, since all the light emitted by the light source is utilized in the lighting of the light spot.

The lifetime of the incandescent lamp is 1,000 hours, while our products exceeds 50,000 hrs.



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