GET•LED D Series | LED street light


GET•LED D Series, street light are based on the double lens design, it has achieved a high luminous efficiency.

The range of brightness GET • LED is much higher and much more effective Ecofriendly luminaires because it does not contain mercury.

• LED light source offers long life compared to any other conventional technology.

• Wide range of operation voláica 100-277 V • CRI (color rendering index)> 70

•Pre-wired for easy installation • Wide range of tonal ranges: warm white, pure white and cool white

• Compact design, less weight and high performance The D series has a modular design of advanced optical lens system of latest technology, which makes this factor luminaire IP66 (for outdoor use 100% and to meet the harshest climates) have a functioning and plays, or without ingual market.

It provides exceptional lighting with necessary angles and become the best cost-quality existing option for countless applications. Its advanced thermal management system contributes greatly to maintain intensity throughout its range lumens lifetime like no other product available on the market.

Applications: Highways, urban roads, semi-urban roads, parking areas, sidewalks, public areas, parks, etc..

Models available:


Fichas Technical cards .PDF:

D40 / D60 / D90 / D120 / D150 / D180 / D200