GET•LED AS Series | Architectural Series


The GET•LED AS series brings an accurate illumination to architectural spaces with an uniform soft lighting, with a real energy-saving and a truly harmony with the environment, they are ideal for residential and commercial use also for interior decoration, our lamps use LED CREE type.


  • The entire body is made of aluminum alloy with absolute precision. 
  • Ideal for: hotels, conference rooms, offices, industries, hospitals, schools, homes, building &public spaces, etc..
  • Design integrated, directly replaces your traditional lights by using LEDs.
  • GET•LED is safe, free of pollutants, with a steady flow.


Models available:

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Fichas Technical cards .PDF:

AS-04b18 AS-025DAS-030DAS-030LDAS-035NAS-040DAS-040NAS-060D


AS-040LDAS-04b26 /AS-080N AS-035D AS-04b12 / AS-PDRD265b